Auditor-general reports an overall, encouraging five-year improvement in local government audit results  

PRETORIA – The auditor-general (AG), Kimi Makwetu, today reported limited improvements in the audit results of South Africa's municipalities for the past financial year.

Releasing his 2015-16 local government audit outcomes report, Makwetu said overall the local government had failed to maintain the promising five-year momentum – gained in the years 2010-11 to 2014-15 – that he reported on last year.

AG's report calls for leadership accountability

In his latest report, Makwetu highlights the importance of accountability in the management of municipal affairs, starting with appropriate planning focused on the needs of citizens, instituting appropriate internal control and supervision that will ensure proper financial and performance management. He also mentions respect for the law in the running of municipalities, monitoring by all political and administrative leadership that budget and performance targets are appropriately achieved, and that there are consequences for mismanagement and non-performance. 

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