Corporate Information

Through our audit activities, we play an important role in enabling accountability and thus promote sound financial governance practices in South Africa. We do this by providing independent assurance to the various legislatures on whether entities that use public funds have managed their financial affairs in line with sound financial principles, have complied with the relevant legal framework, and have provided credible information on the achievement of their financial and performance objectives.

In this way, the elected representatives of the South African people are able to hold the executive and accounting authorities, officials and public entities accountable. Ultimately, our work empowers citizens ‘to hold the custodians of public resources accountable’ as outlined in the International Standard of Supreme Audit Institutions (ISSAI) 12, The value and benefits of supreme audit institutions (SAIs) – making a difference to the lives of citizens.

The essence of our organisation as a supreme audit institution is expressed in our vision and mission statements and our behaviour is guided by the set of defined values.

We are accountable to the National Assembly, to which we report annually on our activities and the performance of our functions by tabling the main accountability instruments, namely our strategic plan and budget and our annual report. The Standing Committee on the Auditor-General (SCoAG), established in terms of the Constitution and the PAA, oversees our performance on behalf of the National Assembly.