Auditor-General calls on government leaders to “act now” to halt the trend of “disappointing” audit results

CAPE TOWN – The auditor-general (AG), Kimi Makwetu, today called on government leaders to take urgent action to halt the trend of disappointing audit results, restore accountability and prevent mismanagement of public funds...


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Citizens Report PFMA 2018-19

Dear fellow citizen

This is a report to you, as a citizen of South Africa, from the Auditor-General of South Africa (AGSA). As the auditor of government’s finances, the AGSA has a comprehensive view of public sector spending and considers it vital to share its insights so that the citizens of South Africa can see

how government is spending taxpayers’ money.

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Audit 101

Other useful products are now available to help your stakeholders understand the auditing process and the opinions. The A1 poster depicts the overall message for this round of the national and provincial audit outcomes, while the A3 infographic is aptly named Auditing made simple.

Auditing made simple can be found on the Audit 101 page together with the Role of the Auditor-General booklet and poster and a number of relevant and informative video clips.