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Stagnant audit outcomes in the Western Cape

The Swartland Municipality and the West Coast District Municipality attained clean audits in the current year, due to the sustained efforts of the municipal leadership to effectively monitor the implementation of a credible action plan to address past audit findings. The majority (73%) of other Western Cape’s municipal audit outcomes for 2010-11 were characterised by stagnation at the level of unqualified audit opinions, while 9% were still qualified and 12% did not submit financial statements ...
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Northern Cape audit outcomes remain stagnant

Eight of the 21 municipalities received an unqualified opinion (with findings or concerns), with 59% of the municipalities receiving either qualified or disclaimed opinions. Of the nine (9) municipalities that submitted financial statements late for audit, eight had their audits completed subsequent to 31 January 2012 and were all in the qualified or disclaimer categories.
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North West in need of sustainable leadership and a strong culture of accountability

For the second consecutive year none of the 24 municipalities and four municipal entities in the province received a clean audit. Two municipalities (8%) and one entity (25%) received unqualified audit opinions with findings, while 29% of the municipalities and entities received either qualified or disclaimed/adverse audit opinions. These results do not reflect the complete picture, as the outcomes of 15 municipalities (63%) and two entities (50%) are not included in this analysis due to the lat...
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