Welcome to the AGSA Alumni Network

The alumni network is a platform that connects former employees with AGSA. Through our Alumni Network we keep connected and provide a net for the ever thriving talent within our industry. As an AGSA Alumni our professional journey with you continues. This is an opportunity to reconnect as colleagues who make a difference.


Stay in touch as we…

  • Learn from each other and showcase career trajectories of our fellow colleagues
  • Engage with former trainees and professionals to get in-depth and authentic information about the auditing environment, as well as, the experienced pros, cons and opportunities.
  • Build a talent network of the AGSA alumni which can foster camaraderie amongst the alumni, with networking for growth opportunities and AGSA ambassadorship.


Alumni Office

We welcome our alumni to partner with us on ongoing initiatives and career opportunities. 

Contact us for more information

Linda Ndungane

Alumni Lead, AGSA

Tel: +27(0) 8280 4603 / +27(0) 78 789 7662

Email: alumni@agsa.co.za


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