What is a training contract?

A training (learnership) contract is an agreement between an accredited employer (the AGSA) and a candidate, which is entered into so that the candidate may meet the practical experience requirements for the profession.

It is a period of practical experience required and regulated by the professional body that a student will have to complete over and above the expected qualifications to become a chartered accountant.

Who can apply?

Enthusiastic, dedicated individuals who are passionate about South Africa, the public sector and making a difference in the lives of fellow South Africans. Such a candidate should also meet the selection criteria as detailed below.

What are the selection criteria?

A candidate should, preferably, be in possession of a Saica-accredited certificate in the theory of accounting (CTA), or at a minimum, a Saica-accredited undergraduate degree. These candidates will also go through a selection process intended to choose the most suitable candidates for the AGSA.

What should you expect?

Practical exposure to different aspects of auditing in the public sector, including exposure to the audit of public entities, departments, municipalities, municipal entities, state-owned entities, legislatures and other entities that are funded by public funds. A learning experience like no other where there is exposure to auditing, different accounting frameworks and possibilities of further experience into systems auditing and performance auditing.

What are the benefits of having a training contract with the AGSA?

The AGSA offers a training experience that sets you on the right path as a young professional with a strong focus on value-adding in all areas in which you engage. As a trainee at the AGSA, you will also be exposed to other financial reporting frameworks used in the public sector in addition to the IFRS. It is a training contract that makes you a public sector expert at the end of your contract period.

How do I apply?

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