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Interview with Harold Marsberg and Foxy Hill

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Interview with Harold Marsberg and Foxy Hill

We caught up with Harold Marsberg and Foxy Hill, two stalwarts of the office.  They are both former senior managers in the Eastern Cape BU and played an important role in the merger of the former separate offices into the AGSA in the Eastern Cape.  Harold joined the office in 1993 and spent 17 years in our service.   He was integral in in the initial strategizing around the need for an Alumni Association.


Foxy Hill spent 35 years in the office and retired in 2001.  While at the office he was for many years the East London Cost Centre Manager, when there were only two cost centres in the eastern section of the Cape Province, one in East London and one in Port Elizabeth. In those days both centres reported to the provincial office in Cape Town.


What have you been doing since leaving the AG?

FH: Since my retirement I have been travelling across the world, visiting my children and grandchildren in New Zealand and enjoying sports except for the rugby this past weekend.

HM: I agree with Foxy, I have been working a little bit, but mostly being an armchair coach.


FH&HM: We are both still involved in the public sector, we both sit on audit committees across the Eastern Cape, and though for Foxy the number of audit committees he is involved in has reduced over the years.


How has AG assisted you in your current position?

HM&FM: As we are both still involved in the public sector, all the years’ experience at the auditor general has been very useful. We still draw on this knowledge and expertise. This is also why we are excited about the Alumni Association.


How have you been involved in the Alumni Association?

HM: Yes, we were involved in the initial stages of the concept and we are really glad that this has come to fruition. The objectives haven't changed much, we are here to network, maintain relationships with the current leadership and keep abreast with the changes in standards and technical updates. We believe the association will enable us to draw on the pool of knowledge within the AGSA while at the same time sharing our experiences gathered over many years, with current employees. It is a tool for keeping in touch and it will serve as a way of enabling the AGSA to retain institutional knowledge of departing employees.

We believe this initiative will nourish and contribute to the Vision of the AGSA.

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